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Website Design Pricing Nigeria

Website Cost is one of the most frequently asked but tricky to answer questions in the world of web design and digital marketing.

Many factors determine the website cost but learn what to expect from our rough guidelines below.

Options that impact Website Cost

eCommerce Website

Online Payment

Website Security & Support

Images/Video Photograph


Online Booking

Digital Marketing

Copywriting – Content Creation

Bespoke Google Maps


“It is generally accepted that businesses should spend 5% of their turnover on marketing if they want to stand still, and 10% if they are trying to grow.”


It will of course, depend on the size and nature of your business, as well as the sophistication of the website itself in terms of the technical elements needed. It also depends on how the website is positioned in terms of your overall marketing strategy. 

We know from Danitiestech Digital Health Index Q4 2018 that half of all Nigerian’s SMEs acknowledge the benefits of an online presence. In fact, 66% now have a website compared to 62% in October 2016. The gap is certainly decreasing with only 19% stating that they are not present online.

The 19% have no website or social media presence and therefore no way of engaging with Nigeria’s e-commerce market, which is forecast to grow to  $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025, according to McKinsey  Report 2018.

Why is this so? Most say that there is simply ‘no need’ in their industry while others complain of a lack of expertise, finance or time.

Danitiestech are  here to help fill that gap, to provide relevant and up to date information for businesses in Nigeria that want to get online.

Keep reading to find out how to get started with your new website.


To give you an idea of how much you should budget, we have included a number of different business profiles and rough costs for those websites.

Website Cost for Start-up(1 Part-time staff)

This business is just starting out and cost is a significant factor. At this stage, the company has minimal to no turnover and is unsure of market potential of the business.

We would recommend that you set up business pages on social media(or Danitiestech can assist you to set it up for you) and promote your business through there combined with a small website.  A small DIY website using a website builder package(like is the cheapest way forward. This allows the business start-up to test the market without a significant investment in a professional website.

Requirements include: 5-10 page website, images, video, contact form, social media integration, domain name, professional email with domain, google analytics, and technical knowledge/ability

These can start from approx. N40,000 a year and can often include domain costs and hosting.  

Website Cost for small Business(less than 5 employee)

The business has a target audience within the immediate locality and wants a website with details about opening hours and location, the ability for clients to make appointments online and view previous work.

It’s essential that they have a strong online presence and appear in Google searches for their products or services.  

The website will need regular updates on new products or services to ensure it has up to date content to provide its high Google Ranking. The actual design of the website should suit the business needs for up to 3 years.

Requirements: 5-10 page website, images, video, image carousel, appointment booking, mobile responsive, Google map, Google My Business, Social Media Integration and SEO.

A budget of N80,000-N250,000 should suffice in terms of creating a modern, responsive and fit-for-purpose website.

Website Cost for Medium Business

This business has an existing outdated website that is no longer fit for purpose. They are successful in their business and need the site to reflect this while also giving clients the opportunity to buy online.

Requirements include 5-10 page content, product listing, mobile responsive, Online Shop (eCommerce), Payment system, High-Quality images, video content, advanced search, Social media integration, SEO, Content Creation, Website Security and Photographer.

A budget of N120,000-N350,000 will be needed so that the website is fully responsive, enabled for e-commerce and displays high quality imagery and graphics in keeping with the brand

Reach Your Business Goals With A New Website


There are many essential steps involved in preparing to develop a new website for your business, from drawing up the brief to looking for quotes from web developers.

Do your Needs Analysis & Brief

The first thing to do when creating the brief for your website is to carry out a Needs Analysis. This is a detailed breakdown of what you need for the website, taking into account the unique needs of your business. It will form the basis for your brief and will ensure there is no room for misinterpretation by the web developer.

You should aim to include the following within this document: 

  • Your Business – Brief overview of the business such as length of time in business, products/services offered, staff numbers, etc.
  • Your Audience – Description of your target audiences and geographic markets
  • Your Objective – Outline business objective(s) that the site can help meet
  • Your Brand Vision – Detail the logos, images and visuals you will supply these or requirements for the Website Designer to provide
  • Design and content – List of the number of pages and type of content needed. Will you provide the content yourself or will you need the developer to source this work?
  • Technical – Functionality and technological requirements such as eCommerce PayPal/Stripe integration, social media integration, content management, log-in requirements, etc.
  • Support – Level of follow-up support needed.

Do your research

  1. Tap your network for names of agencies or developers and check out their reviews online
  2. List competitor websites or look for other websites that you like the style – It is always useful to have some examples of styles or approaches that you would like for your site
  3. Read up on latest consumer trends when it comes to online usage. For example, in Nigeria, smartphones have taken over as the device of choice for accessing e-commerce sites, generating 52% of traffic, while desktops accounted for 36% and 12% from tablets. This will be important to the layout and style of the website.

Have a budget in mind

This will allow you to focus your search efforts, and narrow down quotes received based on price. Select 2-3 web developers and send them the same brief to get comparable quotes. The reason many SMEs can get wildly varying quotes is that they don’t ask all companies for exactly the same thing.

Consider the maintenance and upkeep of the website. Do you have the necessary skills in-house to maintain the website? Is the Content Management System easy to navigate? Are you happy that you can troubleshoot any technical issues if they arise? If not, it may be worth looking at some form of support contract as part of the overall project.

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