Introduction to data science

Join me on my journey to learn data science. I have been in web development sector for the pass 3 years now, I felt I have stay here for too long I need to test new waters.

Also, based on my little research I noticed Artificial Intelligence is the future, yes I said that, come back here after 10 years and say yeah Danities said that.

The world is moving towards the era I called the data era(data exhust). Look around you, everything is data: as you go by day you are constantly leaving data behind, your text message, browsing facebook, twitter, instagram etc. A typical brick and morter retailer would handle millions data of per hour which equals.

Let me dive in and do some little analysis for you:

since the down of time upto 2005 humans have created 40,900 million exabyte of data(all the text, songs books written)…. is very hard to get this into your head but let me try and explain a little

let say we get a letter A. letter A is a single letter and a letter on a compute take 1 bytes of data. Now if we zoom the letter A thousand times we have a thousand letters and a thousand letters represent a page in a small book and that fit into 1 kilobyte, now if we zoom another one thousand times more we have a thousand kilobytes which is a megabytes that is about a book with 500 hundred pages double sided, now if we zoom on another thousand time we get a gigabyte, in a gigabyte you can fit a human gnome onto it- this simply mean you can encode in a complete human being into it. If you zoom in your one gigabyte a thousand time you have 1 terabyte – if you take a digital camera and walk around a person and video him, every minutes, hours, and you put everything they do for 80 years it can fit into a terabytes. if you zoom another thousand times you get a petabyte. one thousand petabyte gives you one exabytes.

In recent years, there is big growth in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), due to which 90 percent of the data has been generated in the current world. Every day, 2.5 exabytes of data are generated, and it is more accelerated with the growth of IoT. It is possible that this data come from the following :

  • Sensors used in shopping malls to gather shoppers’ information
  • Posts on social media platforms
  • Digital pictures and videos captured in our phones
  • Purchase transactions made through e-commerce

This data is known as big data.

Lots companies are flooded with huge amounts of data. Therefore, it is very important to know what to do with this exploding data and how to utilize it.

This is where the concept of Data Science comes into the picture. Data Science brings together a lot of skills like statistics, mathematics, programming and business domain knowledge and helps an organization find ways to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get into new markets
  • Tap on different demographics
  • Gauge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign
  • Launch a new product or service

The list is endless!

I welcome you as you join me on this exciting journey of becoming a data scientist.

Henceforth i would be posting my learning process, home works and challenges here

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