Check out 5 Intriguing Reasons Why you should choose WordPress as your Business Website CMS

Do you need a FREE business website CMS? Are you contemplating having your business website and you are a none tech person who needs something simple and flexible?

Those worries are understandable.

At DANITIESTECH, we strongly believe a website is a must if you want to reach your target market, and setting up a website is a lot easier than you may realize, especially if you use WordPress to set it up.

After building hundreds of websites using WordPress, you can say we know WordPress pretty well.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which means it’s designed to help you organize and display the content on your site.

What counts as content? Everything that appears on your site, from the header with your business name to your contact information to your blog posts and tutorial videos. If it’s on your site, it’s content.
Check out these five reasons why you should choose WordPress for your business CMS.

1.  WordPress is FREE.

Interesting right. WordPress is FREE. It cost nothing to download. This is good news when you’re operating on a small-business budget.

Because you’ll have to pay for web hosting, and you may want to buy a theme instead of using a free one to change the way your site looks, WordPress CMS costs nothing to download, which makes it great news.

2. WordPress is EASY to use.

WordPress prides itself on its five-minute installation and support guides to walk you through the process.

I have seen people who are not technical savant but have set up several WordPress sites, and it is that easy to get a basic site running and looking respectable.

Doing something complex may require some reading and conversations in the support forums, but for most new site owners, going from zero to website in a few minutes is more than enough.

The topic of support forums brings us to the next thing WordPress has going for it.

3. WordPress has a vast SUPPORT COMMUNITY.

Thirty per cent of all websites run on WordPress, and it has a 60% share of the CMS market. The number of people using WordPress means that if you have a problem or a question, odds are there’s an answer waiting for you in one of the WordPress support or developer forums.

It also means that if you ever want to outsource your site maintenance, content, or design, there are plenty of developers, writers, editors, and designers who know how your site’s CMS works.

4. It’s easy to make your WordPress site look UNIQUE yet it takes SECURITY seriously.

Because WordPress’s code is open-source, hobby and professional developers are always finding ways to improve it. There are thousands of free and paid themes you can choose from to make your site look the way you want it to.

Think of your theme as similar to the interior décor of a brick-and-mortar store. Your theme will take care of your virtual color scheme, signage, and the details of your site layout. You can search by keyword to find themes that fit your business best, and if you ever get tired of your theme, it’s usually pretty easy to switch to a new theme, although there are some steps you’ll want to take first to keep your site working the way you want after the switch.

WordPress also makes it easy to keep your site’s software up to date, which is critical to keeping hackers and data thieves out of your site. Some WordPress software updates are automatic, to prevent security vulnerabilities, and you can choose whether you want your plugins to update automatically or whether you’ll handle those updates yourself.

To update plugins and themes, all you have to do is click the checkboxes next to the items you want to update and then hit the update button. The trick is remembering to check for updates, which is why the auto-update option is so useful.

5. WordPress PLAYS well with others.

Even the coolest looking website needs to interact seamlessly with other platforms and with people, so you can get found and make sales.

First, getting found: WordPress is structured to be easy for search engine crawlers to navigate, which means your site will perform better in search results, especially if you add an SEO plugin like Yoast.
WordPress also plays well with Google’s new criteria for mobile-friendly websites. You can make your site easier for mobile users to navigate by choosing a mobile-optimized or responsive theme from the start, or by installing a plugin to make your site work better on mobile devices.

As for making sales, if you intend to sell directly from your site, WordPress plugin Woo Commerce makes it easy to sell products, digital downloads, subscriptions, and membership access to your site.

And if you ever want to change web hosting services, you can migrate your entire WordPress site to a new host easily, with fewer steps and in less time than it would take you to migrate a free site builder-hosted site.

I hope you found these tips helpful as you consider choosing WordPress as your business Website CMS.

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