10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Website Design Agency in Nigeria

In today’s society, a website is important for any business or organization that wants to make progress. It tells the world who they are, what they can do and how you reach them. More often, a website is developed to sell a product, service or ideology that its owner project.

In this article, you will find 10 questions that you should ask before engaging a website agency.

1. What kind of a website do I want?

It is very important to start by knowing what you want and how it can meet your business needs. Gather all the ideas you can get and put them into writing.
At this stage, most people walk around with writing materials to take notes.
It is important to know what you want by using your imagination. Visit the website on your mind. You need to like it so your clients can like it too.

2. What is my budget?

‘How much do I have?’ You need to ask yourself this question. It will help you know the limit to your dreams. If you have a small budget then you must learn to think of ideas that fit into your budget. You must understand that the more the features you want on the site, the higher the price.

3. What kind of images graphics and pictures do I want on the site?

You will want images for your website including photos, logos, illustrations, and animated gifs. This is where copyright comes into play. Any image on your site needs to either be created by you or obtained through professional help or purchased outright.

You must not leave the choice of the images and graphics solely to the developer. Give them your preference. Tell them your choice of colour, so that the site will be uniquely designed according to your taste.

4. Who can do the job?

You can talk to us at Danitiestech  we offer amazing website for both business and personal brands. Ideally, you want one that comes highly recommended from someone. And Danitiestech is highly recommended.
You can also find someone local here in Nigeria, Bayelsa, or you don’t mind hiring someone virtually.

This is where Google can help: simply searching for “web designer” will direct you to available web designer close to you.

Better yet, find a website in your industry that you like, and contact the web designer directly. Most designers leave a little “Designed by” link at the bottom of websites that they’re proud of!

5. Is the web designer a business?

Whichever developer you find you must ask further questions. Ensure due diligence.

Is the developer you intend hiring a company or just someone seating in front of a computer anywhere?

There is a lot that tells when the developer you are dealing with is a company. Dealing with a company gives you high chances of responsibility and efficiency.
Most companies know that referrals and good testimonials help the business grow. They seldom joke with client’s work. More often, if they can’t deliver, they employ others to help finish the work on time. Companies usually have their brand to protect.

6. Do they have a website?

They must have a website or else no deal.
The very first thing to check out before hiring is the quality of their website. This usually is their best work. The chances that you will get something different from what you see on their site is very slim.

If you find a lot of errors like 404 errors, dead link, none functional features then you are also going to have the same on your site too.

7. Can I see your web design portfolio?

‘Can I see your previous works’ should be the next question you will ask any developer you intend hiring after visiting their site?
Most developers have their design portfolio session right on their website. Some with at least ten of the works that they handled, displayed for customers to see.

This point is important because after seeing what they did for themselves on their website, it is important to see what they did for someone else. Never forget to ask for as many samples as possible if you don’t find all you need on their website.
Try to note the similarities and common mistakes, Make notes and send such as questions to the developer. If you are satisfied with the answer they give, you can go ahead and engage them.

8. How is their customer service?

this factor is very important and you don’t need to have made payment before you understand how efficient their customer service is. From the way they respond to your emails, the time they take to send a proposal, do they apologize and genuinely feel sorry for not meeting up with deadlines, e.t.c.

Furthermore, how do they follow up after work is done? Some developers only get to contact you once every year when the web hosting is about to expire and some don’t even contact you at all. It is very important to know how they relate with customers after delivery of the site to the client.
Pay attention to these details and you will understand their customer service.

9. What contracts do you need to sign?

After you have resolved to employ the service of a developer, you must proceed to know the type of contracts to sign that will protect your idea and can be enforced in a court in your state.

Usually, you should both sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement and then the main contract for service.

Never forget to make everything formal, it makes the developer take you seriously. Also, you can sue for specific performance or damages in case of a breach of any of the agreement.

10. Price?

This is the last thing to discuss with your developer. After the developer has understood the instructions and the type of site you want him to build then you can discuss price.
People who talk price first usually get Jobs that do not meet their expectation because they strike a hard bargain that might not deliver the standard they want. Just allow you developer explain all the features and how much it will cost you after he has understood your instructions.

Usually, two things determine the price every developer will charge and that is the type of the website and the features you want on the website.

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